We offer high quality transportation service because it is the private enterprise

LIEBEN co., ltd. we provide medical transportation for complete 24hours nationwide and overseas in any kind of difficult situation certain safety, and we perform bargain transportation. We are staffed by medical staff; physician, nurse, paramedic in the escort terms such as a copter and jet, which matched with a patient state including the doctor accompanied. It needs to match application of various insurance, public medical insurance with transportation including the arrangement of the hospital, and to perform we aim for economic burden reduction of the patient.

Aiming at ultimate private EMS ( a doctor is accompanied)

 We transfer by /a helicopter (including the chartered plane)/the private ambulance/Shinkansen(bullet train)/ferries, any kind of means.
 An obstinate disease, drug dependence, the internal organ transplant even if no matter how it is mental disease, an infectious disease, any kind of disease, LIEBEN co., ltd. provides EMS: emergency medical services for complete 24hours/ 7days per week/ 365 days per year, and transport a person securely you’re the most important and love surely. A doctor does going together according as the state of the patient, please feel relieved.

Guide in office

Natori branch〔Emergency transportation headquarters〕
Toll Free: 0120-119-751
Telephone: +81-22-381-7280
Facsimile: +81-22-381-7283
At first, please inform it of the one contacting me by an email.

Iwate branch office
Telephone : +81-19-907-0242
facsimile +81-19-681-8166

Dalian branch
Telephone: +81-22-381-7280
(Domestic only)
If you call from Japan, please call toll free number

About payment of transfer cost
Payment by credit card is possible