Happy new year. .
Last year, we received a lot ofmedical assistance job from the various states Consulates, insurance companiesand hospitals, and successfully completed many international medical evacuation.
Of course, the success of everyinternational medical evacuation is not just the efforts of our medical staff,but also the desire and cooperation of patients who are on the edge of life anddeath.
The civilian emergency services inJapan have been developing for more than 20 years, and its development form andmarket demand are constantly changing. The diversity of medical treatment, theconvenient conditions that can be reached all over the world at anytime andanywhere, these are welcome developments that enable patients to back their hometown and achieve their wishes. However, Japan’s private sector marketis narrow, and the rights of citizens are not fully realized. Therefore, in thefuture, we need to improve our domestic awareness as well as our efforts to trybest to do our own evacuation job.
InMarch 2017, the king of Saudi Arabia visit to Japan, message about our companyas the emergency medical treatment company for this activity at the Guesthouse appear on the certifying documents in the cabinet office. Withreverence and awe,I also sign with I have started to develop the company fromthe Japanese countryside in the past two decades.
We have traveled across theoceans and traveled across the border to get to where the patient are, toachieve the patient dreams of returning to their countryside, and please support our company and always standing on our side this year.