Consultation of the transportation cost application

About the transportation expense application

What is the insurance explained here?

 When a patient moved, and was transferred between hospitals in inspection, special treatment, the purpose of operation, a patient can demand transportation costs according to Clause4 of National Insurance method Article 54.
The patient can apply to various insurance for expense of the transportation. The insurance association examines the contents whether they are appropriate. After examination, the case that it was admitted, a part of transportation costs are paid. The transportation costs are repayment payments.
At first, a patient and the family pay expense to a transportation supplier, and then they apply to each insurance association.
※1:Application of transportation costs are adapted for the transportation of the changing hospital .
※2:Another person does not apply in place of a patient or his/her family. A patient and the family must perform it. (We advice about the application with responsibility)
※3: If the patient apply transportation costs, but all transportation is not accepted by all means.
※4:The transportation used nursing care insurance can use only in location of outskirts city, district and municipalities transportation suppliers belong to. It is not adapted to transportation for at the time of the hospitalization and discharge.
LIEBEN Co., Ltd. we help to make an application free. An application method has some matters that require attention. About the inquiry on the telephone, because there is a case causing misunderstanding, we explain a procedure of the detailed transportation costs application from the staff at the time of transport.